Megalomatic - Forthcoming 'Symbolism' EP Review.
Miff Morris

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  1. Fink -  St Luke's - Live Review
    20 Nov, 2017
    Fink - St Luke's - Live Review
    Artist - Fink Venue - St Luke's Album - Resurgam  https://finkmusic.bandcamp.com/album/resurgam     Experiencing Fink, aka Fin Greenall live was especially magical within the beautifully atmospheric venue of St Luke's & The Winged Ox, located just on the outskirts of Glasgow's Merchant City in the vibrant east-end of the city. Fin's soulful voice, charm, and charisma cast an abiding spell over the audience as his multi-instrumentalist band provided the absolute pinnacle of their artistry,
  2. Sapienn - A Black Sarcasm - Artist/Album Highlight.
    15 Nov, 2017
    Sapienn - A Black Sarcasm - Artist/Album Highlight.
    Artist - Sapienn Album - A Black Sarcasm Genre - Acoustic  https://soundcloud.com/sapiennsongs     Scott Simpson is a talented newcomer within the Glasgow music scene offering his solo acoustic singer/songwriting project titled, Sapienn which has been flourishing steadily from mid-way through 2016, seeing the fruition and release of his first solo EP 'Hours Of Despair' in October of that year. The release of that record set the wheels in motion towards a continual stream of live gigs and newly
  3. Paragraphs - Artist Of The Day
    08 Nov, 2017
    Paragraphs - Artist Of The Day
    Artist- Paragraphs UK Musican/ Producer/ DJ Genre - Electronic Chameleon  Over the last year or so, I have highlighted electronic producer, Ryan Potts, AKA Paragraphs who projects his creative works in somewhat of a chameleon fashion in regards to how he shifts through electronic genres depending solely on how he feels. In my view, he embraces music with an open spirit by fearlessly exploring soundscapes that reveal many intriguing avenues, offering the potential to liberate the mind through
  4. DJ Format & Mc Abdominal - Still Hungry Tour 2017 - Live Review
    07 Nov, 2017
    DJ Format & Mc Abdominal - Still Hungry Tour 2017 - Live Review
    Artist - DJ Format & Mc Abdominal Tour - Still Hungry Venue - Drygate Brewery    DJ Format & Mc Abdominal are unequivocally two of the most gifted dynamic duos within the Hip-Hop genre. Righteously allowing their roots to stay nourished within an old skool foundation and their core vibration fortified with a fresh and veracious execution. Both Format & Ab provide a compelling set of technically dextrous DJ/Scratch mastery, combined with a superlative, intellectually sharp, wax lyrical rap flow