Duskwood - 'Desert Queen' Album Review.
Miff Morris

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  1. MYA Project - 'Something That Good' - Single Review
    24 Sep, 2017
    MYA Project - 'Something That Good' - Single Review
    Artist - MYA Project Single - 'Something That Good' Genre - Alternative/Electronic/Acoustic/Pop Record Label – Milky Bomb Records MK Album - https://myaproject-milkybomb.bandcamp.com/album/mk   The richly diverse sounding, MYA Project has currently released her second compelling single, 'Something That Good' extracted from the MK album which was released earlier in the year on London-based, independent label, Milky Bomb Records. MYA Project's fine tapestry has been uniquely woven through,
  2. LegPuppy - Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick
    21 Sep, 2017
    LegPuppy - Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick
    Artist – LegPuppy Genre – Electro - Punk Single release – 'Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick'  Electro-Punksters, LegPuppy adapt a satirical standpoint with their forthcoming release 'Selfie Stick- Narcissistic Prick' which is due to be set upon the world at midnight. These electronic rabble rousers provides an idiosyncratic flare in mocking the condition of self-obsession which has been accentuated through modern-day social media platforms, poking a finger towards the conceited and shallow
  3. Megalomatic 'Symbolism' EP Launch Party
    20 Sep, 2017
    Megalomatic 'Symbolism' EP Launch Party
    Artist - Megalomatic Genre - Heavy Rock/Metal Record Label - Milky Bomb Records     Megalomatic's 'Symbolism' EP launch party went down the absolute bomb, Friday 15th in Glasgow's Stereo Cafe Bar as a hefty turnout accumulated to throw down their full appreciation for such a colossally talented band and to revel in their highly accomplished current Ep material. Alongside Megalomatic, shaping the atmosphere of the night was heavy groove thrash-Metallers, Corrupt The System, as well as,
  4. Centrilia - Memento Mori Ep - Review
    12 Sep, 2017
    Centrilia - Memento Mori Ep - Review
    Artist – Centrilia Genre – Heavy Metal Ep – 'Memento Mori' https://centrilia.bandcamp.com/album/memento-mori     A few months back I was graciously sent a thoughtfully designed, artistically etched fold out EP titled 'Memento Mori' by the gargantuanly talented, technical groove metallers Centrilia, a Scottish band whom I memorably caught live back in the month of June as they opened Rob Zombie's pre Download Festival show at Glasgow's 02 Acadamy. Centrilia is not only a band of masterful