Unorthodox artistic expression 
Revel Rouser highlights the diverse and engrossing aspects of the underground/Independent music scene from local to across the globe; covering a vast plethora of subgenre styles upon a platform which will provide limitless alternative expression for your interest and intrigue. Our main features include the freshest live music reviews, Album/Ep reviews Artist/band interviews, topical articles and a vast selection of music/street/artistic style photography which can be viewed within our Revel Rouser gallery, as well as our Gobophotography Glasgow Facebook  page and Flicker social media accounts. 


Here at Revel Rouser we are devoted to DIY ethos, leaving our squidgy hearts & warm, fuzzy minds wide open to all independent, alternative styles which are riveting and enthralling to delve into. This will range from a whole ocean full of electronic subgenre to rock/metal cross over fusion, of all persuasion, heady psychedelic fuzziness, to crossover Ska/punk-rock infectiousness; right through to the experimental quirky and out-right hardcore extreme. There are no boundaries here!. Artistic expression which awakens and gives rise from any strain of music culture deserves to be proudly highlighted right here on Revel Rouser. 

Within this website; within our commendations page you will find a whole plethora of artists/ producers/Dj's, soundsystem & music related collectives; amongst the articles you will find plenty of relevant music links with  guiding pointers every now and then to fresh, up and coming music which is soon to be released on independent record labels across the UK, Europe & around the world. Our aim is to promote the many exciting channels in which creative mind-frames stream their creative consciousness; keeping you informed with a finger on the pulse of what's fresh and exciting within the realm of the underground/Independent/ alternative scenes in which we encounter here at Revel Rouser.