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  1. Bloodstock Festival 2018 - M2TM - Glasgow Competition.
    09 Feb, 2018
    Bloodstock Festival 2018 - M2TM - Glasgow Competition.
    UK Festival - Bloodstock Open Air 2018 Dates - 9th -12 August  Genre - Metal      BLOODSTOCK is the Thors Hammer in Uk metal festivals with this year hallmarking its 18th summer in drawing supreme caliber metal to the masses, casting in iron an indelible mark within music festival history. Throughout the years, Bloodstock has grown at an infectious rate, currently hosting 100 bands across four stages and offering the crème of the crop in UK underground metal, to the best in international acts,
  2. The Apparents - The Face May Change Ep
    30 Jan, 2018
    The Apparents - The Face May Change Ep
    Artist – The Apparents Genre – Punk Rock Ep – The Face May Change https://open.spotify.com/artist/7x9GkahwHgnCsVQUU7UNDk   Newborn Scottish punk band, The Apparents offered up their current debut Ep titled ‘The Face May Change’ earlier this month and have plans in motion for a full-length album later in the year. The D.I.Y ethos band was assembled by guitarist, Geordie, also a participating member of two other bands by the name of ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ and ‘Vendetta’, along with his
  3. The Reverse Cowgirls - 'Hot Dinners' Ep
    27 Jan, 2018
    The Reverse Cowgirls - 'Hot Dinners' Ep
    Artist – The Reverse Cowgirls Genre – Psych-tinged Rock N’ Roll 'Hot Dinners' Ep - https://thereversecowgirls1.bandcamp.com/album/hot-dinners    Rambunctious garage rockers, The Reverse Cowgirls ride in high and mighty on a mission to lasso us with their delicious rock noise as they dish out their current ‘Hot Dinners’ Ep in grandiose proportions. The cowgirls released this particular Ep in June of last year, however seeing as these rodeo crazed buckaroos were super kind in forwarding me a
  4. Safe Hex - 'Sidereal Time' Ep Review
    17 Jan, 2018
    Safe Hex - 'Sidereal Time' Ep Review
    Artist - Safe Hex Ep - Sidereal Time  Genre - Post-Punk/Coldwave/Goth Label - Black Verb Records     In the summer of 2017 Brooklyn, New York gave birth to an atmospheric gothic/darkwave duo called, Safe Hex who have been quick to cast their creative impression by releasing their debut Ep 'Sidereal Time', January 11th on the German, Berlin-based label Black Verb Records.  Within this fold stands bassist Andrew, alongside guitarist/vocalist, Nicholas, with an additional unofficial third member
  5. Megalomatic - From Strengh To Strengh - 2017 Recap - 2018 Forethought
    28 Dec, 2017
    Megalomatic - From Strengh To Strengh - 2017 Recap - 2018 Forethought
    Band - Megalomatic Genre - Progressive Rock/Metal Label - Milkybomb Records  The maestros of heavy groove-laden riffage, Megalomatic have righteously achieved an immensely successful, progressive year through their resolute dedication and hard work which saw a deluge of highlights for the energetic trio, Craig, Ben and Jamie, both, creatively and in a physical sense, in regards  of gaining more extensive recognition and gathering in a wider field of fans. On the 18th of March 2017 the
  6. Essential Music Releases - 2018
    14 Dec, 2017
    Essential Music Releases - 2018
    With the greatest of pleasures, Revel Rouser has taken the time to present a list of essential music releases which are set to kick-start the new year and illuminate your music collection in a fresh and exciting way. Let's draw our attention to the thrill of unconventional forthcoming material from truly inspirational artists, and have a sift through some of the enthralling record label foundations those artists present themselves on. Revel has chosen a list of independent/D.I.Y ethos artists
  7. Post Industrial Forgery - Hope/Collins
    07 Dec, 2017
    Post Industrial Forgery - Hope/Collins
    Artist – Peter Hope/ Charlie Collins Album – Post Industrial Forgery Label – Wrong Revolution.   https://peter-hopes-explodingmind.bandcamp.com/album/post-industrial-forgery    Post Industrial Forgery offers an expanding interior core of complex electronic sounds which are contained and restricted by an overall minimalistic framework, this intense core pulsates various shades of entrancing abstract rhythm as both, coarse and abrasive electronic textures interplay around warm, stimulating
  8. Andy Cooper - A peek back for a leap forward.
    27 Nov, 2017
    Andy Cooper - A peek back for a leap forward.
    Artist - Andy Cooper Single - 'Here Comes Another One' Genre - Hip-hop Label - Rocafort Records https://rocafortrecords.bandcamp.com/album/here-comes-another-one-b-w-the-perfect-definition     This year there has been a momentous vibration radiating from the highly accomplished vocalist, songwriter, producer, and not to mention, thrilling performer! Andy Cooper, regarding his involvement in lending his songwriting and vocal skills towards, rejuvenating vintage-funk hip-hoppers, The Allergies
  9. Artist Of The Day - Ghost Noise
    24 Nov, 2017
    Artist Of The Day - Ghost Noise
    Artist - Ghost Noise Single - Rising Sign Genre - Synth-pop  https://ghostnoiseband.bandcamp.com/ For those of you who dig synth-pop, here is an emotionally charged trio from Los Angeles who goes by the name of Ghost Noise. Last month they dropped a sweeping synth single titled 'Rising Sign' which is extracted from their forthcoming album due for release beginning of 2018. The current single offers up a melancholic atmosphere, however, the uplifting synth parts and chimes which are
  10. Fink -  St Luke's - Live Review
    20 Nov, 2017
    Fink - St Luke's - Live Review
    Artist - Fink Venue - St Luke's Album - Resurgam  https://finkmusic.bandcamp.com/album/resurgam     Experiencing Fink, aka Fin Greenall live was especially magical within the beautifully atmospheric venue of St Luke's & The Winged Ox, located just on the outskirts of Glasgow's Merchant City in the vibrant east-end of the city. Fin's soulful voice, charm, and charisma cast an abiding spell over the audience as his multi-instrumentalist band provided the absolute pinnacle of their artistry,
  11. Sapienn - A Black Sarcasm - Artist/Album Highlight.
    15 Nov, 2017
    Sapienn - A Black Sarcasm - Artist/Album Highlight.
    Artist - Sapienn Album - A Black Sarcasm Genre - Acoustic  https://soundcloud.com/sapiennsongs     Scott Simpson is a talented newcomer within the Glasgow music scene offering his solo acoustic singer/songwriting project titled, Sapienn which has been flourishing steadily from mid-way through 2016, seeing the fruition and release of his first solo EP 'Hours Of Despair' in October of that year. The release of that record set the wheels in motion towards a continual stream of live gigs and newly
  12. Paragraphs - Artist Of The Day
    08 Nov, 2017
    Paragraphs - Artist Of The Day
    Artist- Paragraphs UK Musican/ Producer/ DJ Genre - Electronic Chameleon  Over the last year or so, I have highlighted electronic producer, Ryan Potts, AKA Paragraphs who projects his creative works in somewhat of a chameleon fashion in regards to how he shifts through electronic genres depending solely on how he feels. In my view, he embraces music with an open spirit by fearlessly exploring soundscapes that reveal many intriguing avenues, offering the potential to liberate the mind through
  13. DJ Format & Mc Abdominal - Still Hungry Tour 2017 - Live Review
    07 Nov, 2017
    DJ Format & Mc Abdominal - Still Hungry Tour 2017 - Live Review
    Artist - DJ Format & Mc Abdominal Tour - Still Hungry Venue - Drygate Brewery    DJ Format & Mc Abdominal are unequivocally two of the most gifted dynamic duos within the Hip-Hop genre. Righteously allowing their roots to stay nourished within an old skool foundation and their core vibration fortified with a fresh and veracious execution. Both Format & Ab provide a compelling set of technically dextrous DJ/Scratch mastery, combined with a superlative, intellectually sharp, wax lyrical rap flow
  14. Vuromantics 'In The Night'- Music Video
    26 Oct, 2017
    Vuromantics 'In The Night'- Music Video
    Sheffield's smooth operators, Vuromantics have published their music video 'In The Night' yesterday afternoon on their official Youtube channel, the title track from their current EP released on, Alya Records. Read up on what each member of the band had to say regarding  the writing and recording process of this particular track, as well as the recording of the music video within their very own blog space on the following, Music Glue link: https://www.musicglue.com/vuromantics/  The video is
  15. Lawrence O'Brien Band - Sweet Lilac Perfume EP
    18 Oct, 2017
    Lawrence O'Brien Band - Sweet Lilac Perfume EP
    Artist - Lawrence O'Brien  EP - Sweet Lilac Perfume  Genre - Alternative Rock     Heavy/ Progressive Rocker, Lawrence O'Brien and his collective trio have recently released their current music video 'Rings Of Silver & Gold', the second track extracted from their 'Sweet Lilac Perfume' Ep which was launched at the beginning of last month. Filmed within the band's music studio and on a few locations the video provides an atmospheric peak into the trio's dedication to rocking out and the resolute
  16. The Breeders - Glasgow's O2 ABC
    16 Oct, 2017
    The Breeders - Glasgow's O2 ABC
    Artist - The Breeders Genre - Alternative Rock    Venue - O2 ABC The atmosphere was magnificent last night as, The Breeders took to the stage and laid down a wonderfully nostalgic, punchy live set of songs mainly extracted from their 1993 'Last Splash' album alongside a few covers of the Beatles,  Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Pixies, Gigantic,  Ed's Redeeming Qualities, Drivin' On 9 & The Amps, Tipp City. I felt incredibly moved to hear Kim sing tracks such as 'No Aloha', 'Off You', Saints' &
  17. Exclusive Premiere - Sleeping Pills 'Projections' Music Video
    13 Oct, 2017
    Exclusive Premiere - Sleeping Pills 'Projections' Music Video
    Artist - Sleeping Pills Album - A Maze In A Wave Music Video - Projections  Genre - Post-Punk  Record Label - Hidden Eye   As promised, we are incredibly proud to present an EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE showing of Tampa, Flordia based, post-punk outfit, Sleeping Pills music video 'Projections' here on Revel Rouser. The bands eight-track album 'A Maze In A Wave' released on, Hidden Eye Records is NOW currently available on both, limited edition LP and digital download format on the following Bandcamp
  18. Sleeping Pills - A Maze In A Wave - Highlight Album Review.
    06 Oct, 2017
    Sleeping Pills - A Maze In A Wave - Highlight Album Review.
    Artist - Sleeping Pills  Album - A Maze In A Wave Genre - Post-Punk  Record Label - Hidden Eye     Atmospheric post-punk quartet, Sleeping Pills are geared to release their forthcoming album 'A Maze In A Wave' October 13th on, Hidden Eye records; a nifty independent/D.I.Y ethos label who prints an interesting magazine highlighting artists through interviews, as well as drawing awareness towards original works by a diverse collection of artists from the under and overground scenes. This is the
  19. The Pink Diamond Revue - 'Go Go Girl' - PREMIER! - Single Review.
    29 Sep, 2017
    The Pink Diamond Revue - 'Go Go Girl' - PREMIER! - Single Review.
    Artist – The Pink Diamond Revue Genre – Heady Electro – Vintage blues Single Release – 'Go Go Girl'  https://soundcloud.com/thepinkdiamondrevue/go-go-girl-13    The Pink Diamond Revue is so far ahead into the future that by the time their sound reaches us here in the present their combobulated fusion hits us in kaleidoscopic vintage form, offering a wildly tripped out explosion of intriguing film audio samples, vocal harmonies and riffage from the 50's and 60's which are dextrously
  20. MYA Project - 'Something That Good' - Single Review
    24 Sep, 2017
    MYA Project - 'Something That Good' - Single Review
    Artist - MYA Project Single - 'Something That Good' Genre - Alternative/Electronic/Acoustic/Pop Record Label – Milky Bomb Records MK Album - https://myaproject-milkybomb.bandcamp.com/album/mk   The richly diverse sounding, MYA Project has currently released her second compelling single, 'Something That Good' extracted from the MK album which was released earlier in the year on London-based, independent label, Milky Bomb Records. MYA Project's fine tapestry has been uniquely woven through,

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