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  1. MYA Project - 'Something That Good' - Single Review
    24 Sep, 2017
    MYA Project - 'Something That Good' - Single Review
    Artist - MYA Project Single - 'Something That Good' Genre - Alternative/Electronic/Acoustic/Pop Record Label – Milky Bomb Records MK Album - https://myaproject-milkybomb.bandcamp.com/album/mk   The richly diverse sounding, MYA Project has currently released her second compelling single, 'Something That Good' extracted from the MK album which was released earlier in the year on London-based, independent label, Milky Bomb Records. MYA Project's fine tapestry has been uniquely woven through,
  2. LegPuppy - Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick
    21 Sep, 2017
    LegPuppy - Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick
    Artist – LegPuppy Genre – Electro - Punk Single release – 'Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick'  Electro-Punksters, LegPuppy adapt a satirical standpoint with their forthcoming release 'Selfie Stick- Narcissistic Prick' which is due to be set upon the world at midnight. These electronic rabble rousers provides an idiosyncratic flare in mocking the condition of self-obsession which has been accentuated through modern-day social media platforms, poking a finger towards the conceited and shallow
  3. Megalomatic 'Symbolism' EP Launch Party
    20 Sep, 2017
    Megalomatic 'Symbolism' EP Launch Party
    Artist - Megalomatic Genre - Heavy Rock/Metal Record Label - Milky Bomb Records     Megalomatic's 'Symbolism' EP launch party went down the absolute bomb, Friday 15th in Glasgow's Stereo Cafe Bar as a hefty turnout accumulated to throw down their full appreciation for such a colossally talented band and to revel in their highly accomplished current Ep material. Alongside Megalomatic, shaping the atmosphere of the night was heavy groove thrash-Metallers, Corrupt The System, as well as,
  4. Centrilia - Memento Mori Ep - Review
    12 Sep, 2017
    Centrilia - Memento Mori Ep - Review
    Artist – Centrilia Genre – Heavy Metal Ep – 'Memento Mori' https://centrilia.bandcamp.com/album/memento-mori     A few months back I was graciously sent a thoughtfully designed, artistically etched fold out EP titled 'Memento Mori' by the gargantuanly talented, technical groove metallers Centrilia, a Scottish band whom I memorably caught live back in the month of June as they opened Rob Zombie's pre Download Festival show at Glasgow's 02 Acadamy. Centrilia is not only a band of masterful
  5. Megalomatic - Forthcoming 'Symbolism' EP Review.
    04 Sep, 2017
    Megalomatic - Forthcoming 'Symbolism' EP Review.
    Artist- Megalomatic Ep - 'Symbolism'  Record Label - Milky Bomb Records  Hefty alternate rockers, Megalomatic are a band whom I have observed with much interest from their initiation back in 2013. Distinctly from the outset, this young trio started out with a deep-seated passion flavored with an unwavering determination to demonstrate their intricate creative style in both emotively-driven and instrumentally technical terms. Megalomatic's impressive growth of high octane live-show
  6. Kev Howell - 'Haunting Ambition' Album Review
    26 Aug, 2017
    Kev Howell - 'Haunting Ambition' Album Review
    Artist- Kevin Howell  Genre - Independent Rock Album - 'Haunting Ambition ' https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/haunting-ambition/id1255062785     Since 2014 Glasgow based singer-song writer, Kevin Howel has been etching his individual imprint into the music scene with his blues/psychedelic rock inspired sonic engravings, throwing an alluring, hypnotic twist into his alternative rock interpretations. In the past Kevin has found himself on support slots for the likes of, Ben Ottewell and Bill
  7. Lawrence OBrien Band - Interview
    19 Aug, 2017
    Lawrence OBrien Band - Interview
    Band – Lawrence OBrien Band Genre – Melodic Hard Rock/Metal Forthcoming EP – 'Sweet Lilac Perfume'  Miff - Lawrence, first and foremost can you give us some insight into the bands influencing musical styles and how that has shaped your sound? Lawrence- We all bring our own wee thing to the table. We bond over a lot of different styles. We end up playing a lot of Vulfpeck and ironic death metal. Miff - As a songwriter, you most certainly own a distinctive lyrical style. Can you shed some
  8. New York Haunted - Peter Hope- 'Gut Acid' - Extended EP Review
    19 Jul, 2017
    New York Haunted - Peter Hope- 'Gut Acid' - Extended EP Review
    Artist – Peter Hope Extended Ep - NYH82 pH2 - Gut Acid Genre – Experimental Acid Techno Record Label – New York Hunted https://newyorkhaunted.bandcamp.com/album/nyh82-ph2-gut-acid    Electronic avant-garde pioneer, Peter Hope has been dropping acid bombs of fierce magnitude onto central Europe as Netherland based, experimental techno record label, New York Haunted has proudly taken Pete's current, extended EP 'Gut Acid' under their umbrella which was released last month for digital
  9. MugStock Annual Festival of Music & Merriment - Preview
    17 Jul, 2017
    MugStock Annual Festival of Music & Merriment - Preview
    MugStock annual Festival of Music & Merriment for All Ages is just about under way from the 28th-30th of this month. This year will be the third edition of this super accommodating, family friendly music festival which takes place in the strikingly beautiful surroundings of Mugdock Country Park, just located 10 miles outside of Glasgow. There exists an undeniable all-round positive vibe about Mugstock as the festival takes great pride in bringing as many local and national acts to their stages,
  10. Mickey 9s - Galactic Radio - Album Review.
    23 Jun, 2017
    Mickey 9s - Galactic Radio - Album Review.
    Artist - Mickey 9s Album - Galactic Radio Genre - Funky Quirk/Ravey Disco   Idiosyncratic ambassadors of funky quirk & ravey disco, Mickey 9s are the avid instigators of party vibrations and have grown admirably from a D.I.Y independent ethos through an underground collective called 'Yellow Movement' who describe themselves as being the evolution revolution; a symbiosis of (un)conscious and conscience. This amazing movement unifies the creative community through a collective push and display
  11. Australian Rapper Mugzy - Indepth Interview - A Journey Of Creative Self-Discovery.
    19 Jun, 2017
    Australian Rapper Mugzy - Indepth Interview - A Journey Of Creative Self-Discovery.
    Artist - Mugzy Genre - Hip-Hop Images - Carl Osterly       It's been a great honor for Revel Rouser to highlight Austrailian Rapper, Reyne Brady aka Mugzy, who has given us an interesting insight into his personal creative journey and how Hip-hop has ultimately empowered his life. In this open and honest interview, Mugzy explains his evolution musically and provides solid advice to others out there who seeks to enter into the music industry. Mugzy has many strings to his bow and has a rich and
  12. House Of Pain - 25th Annivesary Tour - Live Reveiw
    17 Jun, 2017
    House Of Pain - 25th Annivesary Tour - Live Reveiw
    Artist - House Of Pain Genre - Hip-Hop Venue - O2 Academy Glasgow      Well, I had to tie my shoelaces tight for that one, I tell you, as Irish pride, rap warriors, House Of Pain stepped up in fine style to stamp a phenomenal impression into the night as part of their 25th anniversary tour celebration, rocking an immensely dynamic show at Glasgow's O2 Academy ABC to an adoring Celtic crowd who threw overwhelming appreciation and unrelenting energy towards the band as they provided us with a
  13. Rob Zombie - O2 Carling Academy - Live Review
    13 Jun, 2017
    Rob Zombie - O2 Carling Academy - Live Review
    Artist - Rob Zombie  Venue - O2 Carling Academy    Rob Zombie gave Glasgow an outstandingly powerful, dynamic show in the O2 Carling Academy at the weekend as we were provided with a warm-up set, minus the digital backdrop screens and pyrotechnics, before playing the main stage at Donington's Download Festival the following day. As a first-time RZ experience, I felt I landed upon an amazing show where the band provided us with outdoor festival intensity encapsulated within an indoor environment
  14. The Bucky Rage - F.I.Y.Luv U - LP Review
    10 Jun, 2017
    The Bucky Rage - F.I.Y.Luv U - LP Review
    Artist – The Bucky Rage Genre – Surf/Garage-Punk LP – F.Y.I. Luv U -  https://the-bucky-rage.bandcamp.com/album/f-y-i-luv-u   Rock N' Wrestlers The Bucky Rage released a slick hunk of wax to surf your sonic senses all over with their 'F.Y.I. Luv U' album release which has been provided in both digital and record format. I was graciously dropped a copy by, Bucky swigging, Guitarist/Vocalist 'BIG Handsome Al' at one of their raging live show performances in Glasgow's Mcchuills Rock bar which
  15. LegPuppy - Black Soul EP Review
    22 May, 2017
    LegPuppy - Black Soul EP Review
    Artist – LegPuppy Genre – Electro-Punk/Trip Hop. Album - 'Black Soul' - spotify:album:4GdrLIkFilEGqdDRQB71nz   Leg Puppy is an intriguing London-based Electro-Punk/Trip-Hop dance trio who create a striking atmosphere with their deep electronic synth parts, elevated ambient layers, concise beats, and purposeful lyrics. Darren Laurence aka Leg Puppy started out just as a DJ from 2010 until 2014 then progressed into production for the next two years to finally flourish into an electronic outfit
  16. DJ Format & Abdominal - 'Still Hungry' - Album Review
    14 May, 2017
    DJ Format & Abdominal - 'Still Hungry' - Album Review
    Artist – DJ Format & MC Abdominal Album- Still Hungry Genre  – Hip- Hop Stil Hungry - https://abdominal.bandcamp.com/album/still-hungry  DJ Format wets our appetite with a fine splice of flavorsome samples as a delectable B-boy scratch style opens the album which is tastefully titled 'Appetizer'. A short introduction in chopped up, celebrated musical styles laced around some, to-and-fro in sample form from Abdominal and Format. Stimulating the taste buds and increasing salivation, satisfying
  17. Loki - 'The Trigger Warning' - LP Review
    12 May, 2017
    Loki - 'The Trigger Warning' - LP Review
    Artist - Loki  Album - Trigger Warning Affiliation - Southside Deluxe  Scottish Hip-Hop artist Darren 'Loki' McGarvey owns an indisputable salient authenticity towards his artistry as he channels a blend of his astute expression through the realities of his own life experiences, individual perspective and interpreted belief systems. In my opinion, Loki fuels his fires in such a striking manner providing gritty, outspoken, sharp-witted content which most certainly stokes the fires of all who
  18. Hed PE - Glasgow's O2 Academy ABC - Live review
    16 Apr, 2017
    Hed PE - Glasgow's O2 Academy ABC - Live review
    Band - (hed PE) Planet Earth Supports- Monkey Puzzle, Psyko Dalek Venue - O2 Academy ABC    Gobophotography/Revel Rouser's weekend kicked off with exceptional flare as we had the immense pleasure of attending Glasgow's 02 academy ABC courtesy of alternative cross-over Rap/Metal band Monkey Puzzle, who set the stage ablaze with their fiercely power-driven, energetic set, alongside the furiously awesome Psyko Dalek's and headlining, high impact planetary evolutionary HeD PE. It was a huge
  19. New Model Army - Live Review
    06 Apr, 2017
    New Model Army - Live Review
    Band- New Model Army 'Winter' Tour  Venue- The Garage     Wille and the Bandits, hailing from Cornwall were the finest revelations to grace my head-space as they set their distinctive tone and atmosphere with a supreme funk fueled, earthy blues set which blew me away from the outset. The trio projected an immense amount of passion and soul into their performance as they highlighted material from their forthcoming new album titled 'Steal'. Lead vocalist-guitarist, Wille sang his absolute heart
  20. Paragraphs UK - Interview
    03 Apr, 2017
    Paragraphs UK - Interview
    Artist /Producer - Paragraphs Genre - Experimental Electronic    Domain:  https://youstolemydomain.bandcamp.com/     I felt absolutely honored to have caught up with independent Artist/Producer, Ryan Potts, A.K.A Paragraphs, a supremely talented Electronic Experimentalist who has been shape-shifting a whole plethora of intricately woven, cross-over influences throughout his compelling musical style which varies greatly in both intensity and atmosphere. Lanarkshire-based Ryan is also a

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